The Luminaire Selector- 10 Ways It Can Be Your Best Sales Tool

The Luminaire Selector- 10 Ways It Can Be Your Best Sales Tool

Luminaire Selector: The Best Sales Tool

Did you know that the Luminaire Selector can be one of the best sales tools you have to offer your clients?  Don’t miss the opportunity to use these 10 great ways to sell the products you represent.  A win for you and the lighting manufacturers you represent!

  1. Do you have clients you haven’t made contact with in a while or having difficulty getting in to see?  Ask them for 15 minutes to  show them a new sales tool that your agency is offering clients that saves time and helps them view all your represented products more effiiciently.
  2. Always have the Luminaire Selector up and visible when visiting clients so you can reach products quickly as you are talking. There is nothing more powerful than you having the resources at easy reach to provide the best customer service.
  3. Offer to set up an account for clients while you are meeting with them to make sure they receive up to date information on new products, trends, and technology.  This makes you a trusted resource
  4. Are you meeting with a client and they mention a new project? With the Luminaire Selector open, offer to help them start building the desired products and putting them in a project file that can be saved and shared. Seize the moment!
  5. Create your own project folders of key products related to specific applications.( Healthcare, Schools, Office Spaces, Etc.)  These are easy to share or open when you are visiting with clients. The possibilities are endless and a huge time saver for your clients and a possible easy sale for you!
  6. V2 Luminaire Selector will have highlighted new products directly uploaded from the manufacturer. Make sure your clients know by sharing them directly from you with an application photo attached.
  7. Take advantage of a lunch and learn  and manufacturer rep visits by always closing with the Luminaire Selector and directing them to the manufacturer’s full slate of products.
  8. Use the Luminaire Selector as a training tool for new reps to help them learn the full slate of products you represent. Great for existing reps too!
  9. Utilize the fixture details function on V2 in your project folders to communicate more effectively with your quotations department to expedite quotes.  Train your quotation and customer service department on the Luminaire Selector to become more familiar with products to effectively communicate with clients.
  10. The Luminaire Selector can be a great tool for contractor sales. Lead them to the quick ship filter on the Luminaire Selector to view products by category or manufacturer.  Show them how they can use the project builder for future reference of products.

Luminaire Selector as The Key Sales Tool

Our research shows that specifiers prefer to work with agencies that provide them with exceptional customer service, information and tools. With The Luminaire Selector as your key sales tool, you can be the winner in a competitive industry

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