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We help lighting companies

maximize their digital presence.

Our focus is modernizing marketing for the lighting industry. We create engagement by bringing together

lighting agencies, manufacturers, and specifiers. We help you leverage existing relationships & strengthen new ones.

– that’s what Luminaire Marketing is all about.


Efficient. Engaging. Shareable.




At Luminaire Marketing, everything we do is focused on meeting our customers’

needs. From creative marketing strategies to innovative online solutions

to dedicated customer service, we’re always thinking about this industry

— and how we can help you succeed in it.

The bright idea that will power your success.

Introducing The Luminaire Selector- our state-of-the-art management and engagement platform for lighting professionals. It’ll change the way you do business!  We provide easy access to your represented lighting manufacturer products and put fixtures directly in front of the specifier 24/7.


It’s so much more than an interactive line card!  The Luminaire Selector is an innovative, one-of-a kind project builder designed specifically for lighting agencies and their customers. Create, share, download projects and presentation.


Save some trees, leave the catalogs behind. There has never been an easier and more efficient way to access fixtures and resources.

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