What Do Lighting Specifiers Want from Lighting Agencies?

What Do Lighting Specifiers Want from Lighting Agencies?

Lighting Specifiers are essential customers to a lighting agency.  As the lighting industry has changed and grown at such a rapid pace, so has the needs of the specifier.  When Luminaire Marketing embarked on building the second version of The Luminaire Selector, it was important to understand how specifiers would view and use the software. It was equally important to explore the key factors that specifiers consider when working with lighting agencies.

Luminaire Marketing conducted numerous surveys and focus groups of architects, engineers, lighting designers and other lighting professionals.  Our main goal was to explore what specifiers would like to see from the lighting agencies they work with.

What Specifiers value in an Agency

We asked participants to provide general comments regarding what they would like to see from lighting agencies that they work with.

  • Customer Service is important
  • Clear communication
  • More resource tools and education


What Specifiers want in Communication

When asked about the preferred format for learning about products and services, we asked the respondents to choose all that applied.

  • 69% selected photos, infographics, images and illustrations.
  • 56% selected articles or content (email newsletter, blog post).
  • 31% selected videos
  • 12% selected longer articles or content (whitepaper, brochure, downloadable guide)
  • 12% selected social media posts (LindedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instragram)


Through our surveys and focus groups, we found that specifiers are looking to lighting agencies to offer guidance, information and tools. While agencies have provided many of these needed services in the past, it is clear that specifiers prefer those services to be delivered to them differently and more robust. At the end of our sessions, the specifiers to asked to view a demo of The Luminaire Selector 2.0, then give their impressions.


Key Findings were:

  • After watching the video and reading the description, 89% of respondents were moderately to Extremely Interested in The Luminaire Selector.
  • 72% were Moderately to Extremely Likely to choose a lighting agency with The LS over an agency who does not.
  • 78% were Moderately to Extremely Likely recommend The LS to their favored lighting agency.
  • 69% responded that The Luminaire Selector would be Moderately to Extremely Useful to them, with 31% responding Slightly Useful and no one responding Not at all Useful.


Comments Regarding The Luminaire Selector 2.0

  • Innovative
  • Have seen nothing like this before
  • Would help in finding options for the right application
  • Would provide clear communication between team members


Lighting agencies need to evaluate how they are reaching their specifiers and what adjustments they need to make to meet the needs of their customers in a highly competitive market. For many it will mean a complete paradigm shift in how they do their business. Providing information, resources and tools with aggressive marketing will be key to staying “top of mind”.  Additionally, lighting agencies and the manufacturers they represent will need to work more collaboratively to reach their targeted customer.


Luminaire Marketing is a branding and marketing agency specifically for the commercial Lighting Industry. And developers of The Luminaire Selector – the ONLY interactive catalog and project builder built specifically for lighting manufacturer representatives featuring the products.

Our focus is modernizing marketing for the lighting industry. We create engagement by bringing together
lighting agencies, manufacturers, and specifiers. We help you leverage existing relationships & strengthen new ones.
– that’s what Luminaire Marketing is all about.

Efficient. Engaging. Shareable.

Visit Luminaire Marketing at www.luminairemarketing.com

Visit The Luminaire Selector 2.0 Demo at www.TheLuminiareSelector.com







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