Maximize Your Website Now!

Maximize Your Website Now!

You have invested in a great new website. You possess a powerful tool with The Luminaire Selector.   Have you found that you are not utilizing them to the greatest extent?  We know you are patiently waiting for 2.0, it is awsome! In preparation for moving to the new version, now is an opportune time to capitalize on what you have and what is coming. With Lightfair next week, you have the opportunity to start the following week with new products, new info, a new strategy.  Here is a list of marketing efforts to put you out in front of your competitor

  • Add fresh content to your website., specifically your home page and What’s New or Trending pages. Updated product images, new information, application photos are key to keeping your customers coming back.
  • Renew excitement with your team and customers about The Luminaire Selector. You have a resource tool that your competitors don’t. Make sure they know that! Talk about The New 2.0 Version coming soon! Let them view it and give feedback at:
  • Send out a newsletter talking about LightFair and new products available
  • If you have broken links on your Luminaire Selector, it is important to address those. We can show you how or assist you with this.

NO TIME? Let us Help!

Hubbell Agents Special Marketing Pricing!  $350.00 per month* Includes:

  • Monthly Industry newsletter to your customer base personalized with your branding, new products, manufacturers. Application focused
  • Monthly Updates to “What’s Trending” or “What’s New” page


** Billed monthly via credit card

As a bonus, sign up for the marketing package by May 15th and we will change out your home page content at no charge.

Contact us to now to get started!

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