Luminaire Selector 2.0 Agency Update

Luminaire Selector 2.0 Agency Update

We had such a great time visiting several of your offices to talk about The Luminaire Selector 2.0. If we have not been to your office, we would love the opportunity to come and visit!  We know those of you who are on V1 are anxious to move to the 2.0 version.  We are continuing to contact and work with manufacturers to sign them up for our partnership program. It is to your benefit for us to have as many manufacturers on the 2.0 version before moving or adding agencies to it. We have set mid-July as a target date to start that process.  We are appreciative of any help you can give us with your represented manufacturers. Please feel free to share this link: There they can view the demo of The Luminaire Selector.  If they want to know more, please share our online marketing brochure at  All help is appreciated!  It is important for manufacturers to hear from you about the importance of this resource tool in reaching your customers with their products.

We have continued to have productive conversations with the team from Hubbell Lighting and  will be meeting further with them after Lightfair to talk about next steps.

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