LightFair 2017! Seize The Opportunity!

LightFair 2017! Seize The Opportunity!

The lighting industry will gather in Philadelphia next week for LightFair 2017.  This is an exciting time for the lighting industry. Lighting agencies will be visiting with existing manufacturers they represent and be looking for potential new lines. What a great opportunity to talk about The Luminaire Selector and how it has helped in providing a resource tool to your specifiers. It is also a perfect time to visit with new and existing manufactures about The Luminaire Selector and the opportunity to partner with you with the 2.0 version.  We know Lightfair is a busy time and covering all the great reasons why a partnership is a good idea can take time,  that’s why we will do all the work! All you need to do is:

  • Talk about The Luminaire Selector! Manufactures need to know your commitment to it! 2.0 is about a partnership between you and the manufacturer. Tell them!
  • Share this brochure link that gives complete details and contact information :
  • If you have a hot lead, email or text us their contact info, we will contact them!

That’s it!

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